November 09, 2013

Week Two.

I have never taken a keen interest in Australian history, but I enjoyed week two's reading more than I thought I would have.

I honestly do not think I have ever seriously contemplated exactly what the British took away from the Indigenous Australians when they “settled” here.

The concept of terra nullius robbed the Aboriginal people of acknowledgement that their customary law was not only present at the time the British arrived, but that it was viewed by them as extremely valuable, and was something passed down from their ancestors and considered to be of the upmost sacredness.  In saying this though, I am also quite glad for the Doctrine of Reception, as I do not particularly want to live under the Customary law of the Aboriginals.

It is amazing to see the evolution of Australian law and the constant efforts to refine the maintenance of justice within the Australian legal system.  It makes me feel comfortable and hopeful that I am living in a society and country that is not only already some what advanced in freedoms, rights and equality, but is constantly working toward a better and more just future for it's citizens.