October 22, 2013


Dear Schelt's journal,

I have recently been accepted to CQUniversity and am undertaking a Bachelor of Laws degree. What am I hoping to get out of is experience? So glad you asked.

I am so looking forward to being educated at a higher level and to learning, considering and realising many things that I have never even contemplated. I think that this contemplation will offer me an opportunity to engage in massive personal growth and development, get out of my comfort zone and increase my self esteem and self confidence. This confidence and knowledge, in turn, will equip me with a greater ability to think critically and reason well with others.

Why law? I feel that the law plays a majorly significant role in shaping our society. I think that a thorough knowledge of the law, and the way it is constructed in our country, provides a basis for understanding the past, and equips us in being able to better prepare for our future and the future of generations to come.

It will provide me with the opportunity for career advancement in a field that interests me greatly, will give me professional satisfaction and will allow me to contribute to society in a positive way.

I am not sure which particular area of law interests me most yet, but I am eager to find out.

I am expecting for there to be tough times and moments where I am ready to give up. But, I am determined, resilient, focused, excited and have a reliable support network.

This is an experience I am expecting to be life changing and invaluable.

I will keep you posted.